January 11, 2021

Privacy policy

Tov Are Jacobsen owns this private site. I do care about privacy, but I do use cookies and 3rd party tools to maintain the site. I hope this document helps clarify how I use these tools, with careful consideration of both technical and privacy-risk in mind.

Cookies on this site are not optional, but the site will still function with the most stringent privacy settings.

Cloudflare cookies

Cloudflare uses cookies to detect malicious traffic and monitor traffic sources. Cookies set by cloudflare

Google Analytics cookies

I use analytics to determine if anyone uses the content and maintain the site in an anonymous way.

Here is a list of configuration items:

  • Google Analytics monitors site usage with IP anonymization turned on
  • data sharing with Google or affiliates is turned off.
  • data collection for advertisement features ar turned off.
  • Retention for data associated with your browser cookie is 14 months from last visit.

The documentation from Google has a broader scope: Cookies used by Google Analytics

Hotjar cookies

Occationally Hotjar is used to provide feedback tools and heatmaps on some portions of tovare.com. HotJar cookies

Sometimes the feedback tool allows you to submit your email address, this is forwarded to my Gmail and may be stored indefinitely in my archive.

Local storage and indexeddb

Some tools on this domain may use localStorage in your browser to keep the state of applications.


  • Cloudflare
  • Hotjar Ltd for HotJar.
  • Google for Google Analytics.
  • Google for Google Tag Manager (manages features on this site)
  • Google Fonts for webfonts.
  • Norwegian Labour and Welfare department hosts some services contacted directly.

Legal owner

If you have any questions, please contact me:

Tov Are Jacobsen
+47 469 38 807

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